“Your best days are ahead of you and not behind you. So don’t dwell on your past but keep moving forward in life!”

“Every GREAT product has to go through a period of brokenness and fiery furnace and withstand the heat and fire.”

“When you lose everything but only have a mere breath and faith to believe that he is ‘God of what’s left’ that’s enough!!”

“Moving forward from a painful experience is painful but it is temporary. Not moving forward is even more painful and it lasts as long as you choose to stay in that same place.”

“Everyone has to go through a valley experience before they can reach the mountain top. You learn a lot more in the valley than in the mountain top. “

“Greatness comes at a cost. You are not for sale.”

“When the going gets tough the tough simply surrenders”

About the book

When the going gets tough, the tough simply surrender to God! What will you do when life knocks you down? How can I move from those past hurts and pain? How can I rebuild my life from complete ruins? Where was God in my life’s tragedy? How can I overcome fear? Is there any future hope for me?

In this book ‘Kernel of Wheat’ I have answered all the above and even more, so that you can move forward from hurts and pain to a life of greatness! This book was written during some of the toughest times of my life. The words in this book were carved out in a fiery furnace and are inspired by God as he revealed to me the secrets to overcoming the problems in life when I went through that fiery furnace.

I have shared true life stories, quotes and experiences of various people in the world and from the bible in every chapter. You don’t need any knowledge of the bible or you don’t have to be religious to understand this book. This book is relevant for every person in this planet who has gone through or going through difficult times. This book is not written by or for the perfect people but for everyone who thinks they have a unique problem in life and wants to come out of it. This book will take you from a place of no light at the end of the tunnel into a life of greatness and opportunity.

It talks about how to move on from a ‘tensed’ past to a future full of opportunities and life. It talks about dealing with the ruins after a disaster. It explains what to do when we are caught in fiery storms of life. It challenges to step into that ‘Great unknown’ that God has in store for us and answers the most important and common question that lingers in everyone’s mind “Where was God in my life’s tragedy?”.

Finally, I hope when you close this book you will move into a life of greatness that awaits you. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough simply surrenders to God!


I’ve finished reading the book and I’ve very much enjoyed it, it is very encouraging and uplifting.  I especially enjoyed ‘the God of what’s left’ idea.

Richard Roper, Roperpenberthy publishing ltd.

I had the privilege of reading this book before the print! Very inspiring, amazing, encouraging book to read and it challenges your thinking/ faith.

Dr. Selwyn, UK

I started reading the book and I was so excited that I called my relatives and told them that they should read this book. This book has been an incredible blessing.

Margaret, UK

A colleague from a different religious background came to my desk and saw the book and she started reading the next moment! She read 2 pages and asked can u give this book?

Stephen, India

My faith was lifted after reading this book. Very much encouraged. Personal stories in every chapter makes this book very special .

Wray Menzies, Falkirk

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